What I was doing:

It’s summer in Miami in summer.

My son Robie1 is 19 months old — and a functioning mini-person. This doesn’t stop amusing me yet. My wife Ana is 6 months pregnant with Bettina, due in September.

At work we’re less than 3 weeks out from having my latest PM project be feature complete. Private beta ETA is August 1st… it’s going to be tight.

I’m trying to grow my Javascript non-skills with a few bookmarklets for Ulysses, Amazon and Trello. More failures and successes, which still is a net-positive result.

We’re seriously considering moving with Aeropost.com to San José, Costa Rica for a year or two. Back and forward with this. It makes rational sense, but we actually like Miami now.
Jun 30, 2017, 3:49 PM.